Center of Excellence


Many years after the opening of my first yoga classroom, when I was already in my thirties I realized that my work was taking a unique technical shape!
It had positions, theoretical, conceptual and philosophical references, but it was very different from everything else I had ever seen on yoga classes around the planet. 
I believe that the mixture of passion with my own personality and the need, often excessive, for perfection and excellence combined to give life to this unique technique.
First came my passion for yoga, for the practice, for the philosophy. Then came the creative impulses and explosions, both in the practice and in the classrooms and the teaching techniques. Later, still, came the reflections and analysis of the practice and teaching techniques. And only in recent years, what I realized had happened was the theoretical elaboration based on investigative analysis of the results of the method itself.
Analysis, reflection, conclusion and finally the development of the theory.
Exceptional results, very beautiful conclusions and today we have a method ready and baptized.
Today, as a teacher, I am sure that for more solid that my career and technical abilities are, they are far from reflecting the infinite potential still hidden between the lines of Yoga itself and this gives me more horizon as a professional and as a method.
For me today, Center of Excellence is this physical and energy space, this place where I have presented the evolution of my practice, of my understandings and my beliefs as the therapist I am and that embraced yoga as a healing tool in large scale.
Center of Excellence is this living laboratory where I always present in firsthand the most relevant and positive findings of a research that already crosses decades. All the conclusions of this research benefit many students and teachers in many countries today.
For me Center of Excellence is this environment where I see daily the purest and most fundamental yoga being taught by my teachers and being apprehended by my students.
I recognize my own class in the voices of several different teachers, I recognize on the work of each one of them the results I reach and that I taught them to achieve.
This unity of language and results tell me that this is my Center of Excellence.

Francisco Kaiut