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There will be a Kaiut Yoga event held in Toronto from Feb 24 through Mar 4th 2017. There are three different ways to participate – teacher training, workshops and single classes. Please see FAQ below.

DAILY CLASSES (75 minutes each)

Feb. 25th through Mar 3rd

9am, 4:30pm or 7:45pm

$27 Cdn. + tax per class

Drop-in (arriving 10 minutes early to register & sign the waiver).

Space is limited so if you enjoy your first class and would like to attend more, please contact me at 416 558 1378 or heidi@kaiutyoga.com.br.

7 DAY WORKSHOP (75 minute class daily for 7 days straight)

Feb. 25th through Mar 3rd

9am, 4:30pm or 7:45pm

$175 Cdn. + tax per 7 class stream.

We would suggest taking at least two classes a day (two streams) if you are hoping to fully immerse yourself in this method and strengthen its lasting impact.

Register here.

9 DAY TEACHER TRAINING (82 hours of Kaiut Yoga theory, practice and instruction)

This is for anyone that has an interest in certification as a Kaiut Yoga teacher or simply a deeper understanding of this work for his or her own personal practice.

Feb. 24th, 5pm-9pm

Feb. 25th to March 3rd, 9am-9pm

Lunch break 11:30am-1:15pm; Dinner break 5:45-7:45pm. Lunch and dinner breaks are subject to slight change. There are lots of places to eat nearby or you can return to your accomdation/home.

Mar. 4th, 9am to 1pm

$1,600 Canadian & tax.

Register here.



477 Richmond Street West (just west of Spadina)  

Enter through door on the far east end (to the left when facing the building).

5-10 minute walk west from Osgoode Subway Station

2 minute walk west from the Spading & Richmond Streetcar/Light Rail Station (Route 301, 317, 501, 510)

2 minute walk south from Queen St W/Augusta Light Rail Station (Route 301, 501)

Street parking available at certain times of day. Public parking lots can be found nearby at 438 Richmond St W, 15 Denison Ave, 210 Spadina Ave, 338 Richmond St W, 478 King St.


What do I need to bring? Nothing. Yoga mats and all required props will be supplied.

What do I wear? Comfortable clothing. Yoga clothes are great but so are t-shirts and sweatpants. Perhaps bring a sweater or hoodie or the like, in case the room is cool when you arrive or as we close a class.

Do I need prior yoga experience? No. Kaiut Yoga is designed for people of all experience levels, including none.

Can I do Kaiut Yoga with a chronic injury, aches & pains, or stiffness? Yes. Kaiut Yoga is designed to relief chronic pain and minimize the blockages in our systems that cause them. Individual accommodations can be made throughout the class.

What if I am not very flexible? Then Kaiut Yoga is for you. This is not yoga that stretches the body in extraordinary ways.  Instead it works from the joints to maintain or return the body as close to its optimal functionality/mobility as possible. And super flexible is not optimal.

What if I am no longer in my youth? Then Kaiut Yoga is for you. This yoga works to counteract the common biomechanical impact of aging on our bodies.

Can I do Kaiut Yoga with a chronic illness? Very likely. Please send me an email at heidi@kaiutyoga.com.br or call me at +1 416 558 1378.

How to I travel to Toronto? You can fly into Toronto’s Pearson International Airport (take a taxi right to your accommodation OR the UP Express train to downtown Toronto followed by the subway or streetcar or taxi). You can also fly into Buffalo NY and then take a shuttle bus to Toronto (search online as there are a variety of options). For people from outside Canada, please remember you need a passport with min. 6 months from expiry.

Where can I stay in Toronto? Air B’n B is a great option, as well as HomeStay. Reasonable hotels within walking distance include The Alexandra Hotel (with kitchenettes),Super 8 Downtown Toronto Hotel, Studio 6 (with kitchenettes) Mid range to high end hotels within walking distance include Hilton Garden Inn, The Templar Hotel, The Thompson Hotel, The Ocho Hotel, Soho Metropolitan Hotel, Le Germain Hotel. There is also an iconic Toronto hostel, with both shared and individual accommodation, within walking distance.

How do I get around Toronto? Downtown Toronto is very walkable. If the weather isn’t to your liking, there is the subway and street car system, and there is also an underground PATH through much of the downtown core. And of course there are taxis and uber.

What is the restaurant scene like in Toronto? Toronto has everything from cheap eats to clean food to foodies hot spots. Toronto is also the most culturally diverse city in the world so you can find every kind of ethnic cuisine here. A listing of options nearby the workshop will be provided on the first day.

Can I get to Niagara Falls easily from Toronto? Yes. And it is a spectacular site in any season. Winter is my favourite. It is a 90 minute drive (outside of rush hour traffic). There are the traditional rental car companies as well as zipcar pickup locations all over the city. Or there are tour companies that make it easy. Tryniagarafallsbustours.ca or mynmagaratours.com.

What if I need to cancel my Kaiut registration? The Cancellation Policy is as follows.


1. If written notice of withdrawal is received within 7 days of registration, Kaiut Yoga will refund 100% of the total tuition less a $200 Cdn non-refundable deposit (teacher training) or $25 cancellation fee (workshops and events).

2. If written notice of withdrawal is received by Kaiut Yoga 30 days or more before the commencement of the event, Kaiut Yoga will refund 75% of the total tuition.

3. If written notice of withdrawal is received by Kaiut Yoga within 30 days or more of the commencement of the event, Kaiut Yoga will retain 50% of total tuition less the non-refundable deposit $150.


1. If written notice of withdrawal is received by Kaiut Yoga or a student is discharged before 30% of the period of instruction has elapsed, Kaiut Yoga may retain 75% of the total tuition.

2.If a student withdraws or is discharged after 30% of the period of instruction has elapsed, no refund is applicable.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out at  heidi@kaiutyoga.com.br or call +1 416 558 1378.